Tricks to Find and Keep Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits are a great thing to have if you are single. Not everyone has time for a commitment but everyone wants their needs to be satisfied. Thankfully, you can have sex just for fun without having to commit to one person and rearrange your schedule. Here are some tips to help you find and keep friends with benefits.


Get Virtual

One of the quickest ways you can get an FWB (friends with benefits) is by using a dating app. Even if the word “dating” is there, many of the people on the dating app might just be looking for hookups like you. You can browse through the app until you find someone you are attracted to and wait to see if they will match with you! This makes it convenient and easy if you want to find one as soon as possible.

The key is to find the right dating app. While most dating apps will have similar goals, some might be better than others for your needs. However, you never know – you could end up finding love on these apps too!

Party Time

If you are looking for a place where most single people will be, you will find an abundance of them at parties. You can hit up the clubs, bars and house parties in your area and you will find tons of single people there who are not looking for commitments – only a good time. You can chat up these people while drinking and/or dancing, which means it can be fun for you either way!

Be Clear

If you feel like things are about to get hot pretty soon with a potential partner, be sure you let them know what your intentions are. For all you know, they might be hoping for more than just sex which might not be what you want. Keep your intentions clear and let them know that you are not ready for a commitment, you just want to have a good time. While this might break a few hearts it will avoid a lot of years and for all you know sex was all that they wanted too!

Keep Your Distance

Let us say that you found someone who wants to be friends with benefits with you- now what do you do? Keep it simple – do not treat your relationship any different from what it is. Do not take them out for dates, stay up on the phone all night with them, send cute messages to them, etc. This can easily make you or the other person grow feelings, which might not be what you want. Keep it simple by hitting them up whenever you are both feeling like having sex and do not linger too much.

Friends with benefits is a great way to have sex without all the commitment. Remember the information above to find them and keep them!